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RigER Email Client

Did you ever want to keep track of email communication with prospects and clients in the same system where you generate quotes, agreement, tickets, invoices? Well, you can now … with Email client right inside RigER.

The latest integrated Email Client brings more convenience and flexibility into operational workflow as this allows users to keep all functionality in a single application. Now, all communication with your clients is available directly in RigER Oilfield Operations Management system.

The Built-in Email Client improves your contact management. Sending emails to multiple recipients with just a few clicks has never been easier. Create an Address book, set up email folders and rules, organize and save contacts into works groups.

Communice With Your Clients Directly In RigER

No more lost emails – RigER’s Advanced Search enables users to quickly search through all emails by a few parameters including your personal comments. Create opportunities, sales and service calls documents directly from email and more with a click of a button.
What you can do with Built-in Email Client
  • Track communication with clients directly in RigER
  • Generate Sales Activity, Service Call from client’s emails
  • Set up Email rules
  • Set up Email folders
  • Set up Email templates
  • Set up Address Book work groups

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