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RigER Meets Telegram

Reports and Documents Approval through secure Telegram chat. RigER and Telegram are joining forces to create the ultimate customer experience.
Business processes automation via Chat Bot, simple & covenient:
  • Get Reports OnDemand: Location and Equipment Statuses Report, Activity Log and Others
  • Approve Purchase Orders and Vacation Requests
  • Get Notified on Documents Creation and Approval
Bringing the convenience of today’s technology to the quality of your company’s customer service.
Join us September 9th for a webinar outlining how this new chatbot feature will work.

How It Works

Step 1 – Download/Install Telegram
/on your desktop, laptop or mobile device/
Step 2 – Configure Your DB settings
/in your database – setup connection with Telegram Bot, launched specifically for you, by us/
Step 3 – Enjoy!
/utilize the convenience of having On Demand Reports, Document Approvals and much more just one tap away/
Reports On Demand:
Choose the reports you would like to access through Telegram, ask us to add, and have them just a tap away
Document Approvals:
Receive notifications about pending document approval requests and approve (or reject) with just one tap.
/PO approvals, Quotes, etc./
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