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URTeC 2024
Unconventional Resources Technology Conference 2024
The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) represents a pivotal gathering for professionals within the unconventional oil and gas sector. This annual conference convenes industry leaders, researchers, and practitioners to delve into the latest advancements, methodologies, and best practices shaping the extraction and utilization of unconventional resources. Hosted in various locations across North America, URTeC offers a comprehensive platform for exchanging insights, discussing reservoir characterization techniques, and exploring technological innovations tailored to unconventional plays such as shale, tight sands, and coalbed methane. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among diverse stakeholders, URTeC plays a crucial role in driving efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in the exploration and production of unconventional resources.
Booth #800, June 17 – 19, 2024, Houston, TX
Michael Maltsev, CEO
Blair Kenley, Director of Operations
Nikolai Korniyuk, CBDO
Danny Lazourievsky, Director of Implementation
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See how with RigER you can:

Manage Equipment Rental Operations
  • Generate Oilfield Rental Invoices in 24 hours!
  • Know Where your Rental Fleet and Field Team is
  • Schedule Oilfield Service Instantly
  • Dispatch Rental Fleet Faster
Be Always in Control
  • See Full Picture and Make Data-driven Decisions
  • Streamline Business Processes and Supporting Documentation
  • Solve Business Challenges (Sales, Service, Revenue)
  • Analyse Performance on Ongoing Basis