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RigER Academy is a new learning portal that provides educational content to give RigER user all needed information and skills to use the system efficiently. Training is organized to take place when and where it suits you best, enabling you to learn at your own pace. Course materials are regularly updated and will include reading and video content, practice exercises, quizzes and challenges.

Our courses

Once users have access to RigER Academy, they can perform their training in their own time and at their own pace. Designed to help a RigER user to onboard faster and become proficient in all aspects of oilfield operations, RigER Academy features a number of courses with quizzes and certification. RigER Academy will offer a variety of content. Below is the schedule of the currently available courses for you to choose. Just fill out the registration form and our team will contact you to confirm the preferred start date and provide you with the personal login credentials for the chosen training course. More courses will be added soon. Stay tuned!
Basics of RigER Purchases in RigER Sales in RigER Operations 101 in RigER Maintenance in RigER
19 lessons
This course is designed to help you get familiar with the basics of the platform, its features and capabilities. It discusses the foundations of the software usage and provides complete essential information for the user to be able to create, process and close (complete) a rental job documentation workflow. By the end of this course you will be able to easily manage a full life cycle of a rental job starting from a sales quote up until the invoice in your RigER database.

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