It’s often a hassle to manage rental units in your business. Fleet management software provides reliable scheduling, tracking, and reporting tools for oilfield rental organizations. With RigER you can perform different fleet management operations, like item transfers, assemblies, bill of materials, internal job tickets, rig movements and rental break notes.

Let’s see how RigER simplifies oilfield operations with rental fleet.


RigER can accommodate different kinds and types of equipment (rental units), including sub-rental equipment. System allows you to track equipment by unique numbers, put them together in Kits and Bundles, track your services and repair operations. With user friendly and adjustable dashboards you can easily navigate the list of oilfield equipment rental by different types of equipment and get a better view of the whole rental fleet. Units can be structured in groups or folders that can be used for reporting purposes.

Every rental unit is assigned with a status, depending on the job stage or unit condition, for rental unit tracking and managing. It can be one of the following statuses: No Status, Ready to rent, Reserved, Deployed, Racked, Lost, For Inspection, For Service, Need Repair, Assembled and Sold. Statuses are changed automatically. The change is triggered by the event and as an event, RigER system identifies different types of documents, created and posted in the system.

You do store your equipment somewhere, in shops, yards, warehouses and that is reflected in RigER by departments. For example, when you are deploying equipment in RigER, you will see that you need to select the actual shop that you will be deploying your equipment from. 

To track equipment easily units can be grouped into Assemblies. An unlimited number of components can be added to Assembly, at the same time you are still able to track each component separately. The great thing about Assembly is that you can show and charge your client in invoice for the whole unit, not individual components. If needed the whole unit can be disassembled and the individual components brought to their initial stage.

Rental Process

Here are some of the management operations you can perform with your fleet in RigER: Transfer, Sales, Disposal, Rental Processes.

Inter-company transfer allows you to move your inventory such as goods, materials, parts, rental units between different departments, shop yards and warehouses.

If you need to sell the item, RigER has Sales Module for that. It starts with the sales order then goes to the sales shipment and sales invoice.

Often you need to dispose the rental unit. And for the disposal purpose, we have a simple document in the system is called the Item Disposal. You just select the date, input the shop and just the items that you need to dispose and post it in the system. Now after posting this document, the item gets the status scrapped and is left in the system.

As for the Rental Processes, they could be very different and depend on the type of equipment and business practice of the particular company. You can manage any of them in RigER – from the simplest one to the most complicated. Just watch the video above for the details.

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