Every company that works in oilfield equipment rentals needs to maintain and repair its equipment, therefore it needs to conduct equipment inspections quite often. In RigER you can manage all your inspections: do internal inspection or on-site inspection at client’s location, see the whole list of equipment that needs repair, make repair cost billable to clients and much more.

Inspections Management Process


There are different situations when you might need to have your equipment inspected. It could be once equipment arrived from vendor or manufacturer or when you move equipment between different locations and shops or right after delivering equipment to client’s location, etc. For any of those cases system generates a special document which in its turn trigs inspection in RigER. For that equipment Inspection Card is generated and status is changed to “For Inspection”. You can run inspections upon the delivery or after the return of the equipment and even when the equipment stays in the field.

Depending on the results of inspection a rental unit can be for example moved to “Available for Rent” Status, or if it needs repair than repair ticket is generated out of the inspection card and all information is automatically transferred to repair card and equipment status is changed to “Need Repair”. When repair is done you can charge the cost of repair and spare parts that were used for it to a customer by checking “Billable” checkbox in Repair Ticket.

To make inspection process even easier RigER allows creating Inspection Cards Templates with a set up checklist. Therefore the system will know which Inspection Card to create for particular type of the ticket and equipment.

RigER allows you to add a second optional part of Inspection – Quality Control. It is an advanced procedure and can be enabled or disabled in your database.

Need Repair Report

Quite often repair is needed after inspection is done. In that case RigER creates a Repair Card for each particular unit. Repair will be captured by the system and recorded to unit’s history in order for you to track such events and see how many repairs a particular unit had.

For the total control RigER enables you to generate a few Repair reports. They are:

  1. List of Repair Cards, where you can see all RepairCards that are in the system with numbers and other information about them;
  2. Need Repair Report, which shows all rental units that have status “Need Repair”;
  3. Rental Unit Technical Report, which does not only reflect information about repairs, but also reflects other information like inspection cards, field technician, inspection result, etc.

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