Getting your invoices sent out to clients is the only way your business can accept payments for oilfield equipment rentals. So, it is extremely important to have invoicing process in your company set and working, especially as oilfield service and rental invoices could be very complex and require a lot of details and additional information. The best way to do that is by incorporating new technologies such as invoicing software. RigER invoice generator can simplify and speed up the slow invoicing process.

Whoever manages invoices in your company, with RigER this person will be able to do that in a matter of just a few clicks. All information is pulled automatically from corresponding documents (RSA, Tickets, etc.) and invoices are generated. The only thing is to make sure that all information, like due dates, prices, units, etc. were entered to those documents by Sales and Operations specialist correctly in the first place.


RigER integrates with accounting and e-billing software like Quickbooks (watch our webinar), Sage50, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oildex, Cortex, etc. That is why you can be sure that there will be no double entry if you use any of these products. All invoices can be generated in RigER and just transferred to the software you use with no manual operations needed.

Here are Oilfield Invoicing Types and Tools that you can find in RigER

  1. Oilfield Service Invoice: keeps track of the services that you provide to the customer, including quantities and prices of these services;
  2. Oilfield Rental Invoice: calculates automatically the number of days the equipment was in use by a client from Delivery Tickets and multiplies that by the prices from Rental Service agreement; 
  3. General Equipment Rental Invoice: works with a flat fee for different rental periods;
  4. Billing Cycles: system allows you to have different billing cycles for a rental job and you can generate separate rental invoices for these billing cycles;
  5. Rental Invoice Auto-Generation: allows to invoice all ongoing rental jobs in the database at one procedure;
  6. Batch Drilling: allows to generate rental invoices based on well schedule;
  7. Multi-Well Invoicing: allows to allocate rental and service fees between Wells in one Invoice;
  8. Master and Sub Invoices: allows to generate Sub Invoice for each Well and allocate Rental and Services fees by wells for different rental periods

Watch the video recording of the webinar above to get more information on Oilfield Invoices. Otherwise you can book your FREE personalized demo and see our invoice generator software in action.

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