Every organization needs to manage its human resources as employees are probably one of the most important organization assets. We do recognize that now a company needs to have an appropriate HR management software to do that effectively and efficiently. So, with the latest release of RigER 6.5 Houston, we added completely new, but so much-needed HR module.

This module allows to have every piece of information about employees in one centralized database of the HR software giving you the ability to set up employees’ qualifications, skills, hourly and daily rates, per diem, employee card, payroll reports and much more.

The module is optional and can be added easily to standard software specification.

Let’s see what HR Module of RigER is all about.

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First of all, as the human resources management software RigER got  Employees catalogue. Unlike Users, who are working with RigER directly, Employees in RigER are those who just basically work in the company. Users and Employees catalogues are connected, and you can convert User to Employee and vice versa.

Every Employee can be assigned with a payroll rate or even sales commission. Otherwise you can set those rates general for the whole company or for each line of business or department. It is very flexible. You can also track Employees’ hours in RigER. There are 4 main documents that allow you to input employee hours inside them: delivery tickets, field tickets, repair tickets and internal job tickets. The Payroll Report (Employees Hours Report) will definitely make your life easier. This report extracts information from every single document where the person has been assigned to and calculate the total payroll amount for the person for a particular period, based on the settings that you set for this employee before.

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Another great thing in RigER HR software is labor Cost Analysis. This report will allow you to have a better idea on how much your company spends on labor and help you analyze where to cut costs or were to do some changes and improvements.

Bottom line. RigER delivers end to end HR management module that covers all of your organization’s Payroll and HR needs by capturing basic data about employees, managing employee data, and generating valuable reports.

Want to find out how human resources software in RigER together with other great features can boost your company’s operations?

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